Miss Betty

As we have engaged with our community in the wake of the flood, the Lord has directed us to a few individual people whom we feel especially connected to. Over the next weeks and months, our goal is to share their stories in order to testify to the work the Lord is doing in their lives and in the city of Columbia, SC.

Miss Betty outside her home in Columbia, SC.

Meet our friend, Miss Betty. Miss Betty is one of the many people in our city who has been affected by the flood from October. As we got to know her and worked with her on cleaning and salvaging what was left after the waters subsided, we realized that there is a lot more work to be done than what we saw on the surface. Miss Betty’s home was severely damaged by the flood to the point that it is unsafe for her to live in.

As we have spent time with her, Miss Betty has shared with us some of the particular hardships and joys she has experienced over the last 3 months.

The hardest part for her was finding a place to live, but the Lord has graciously provided a place until her home is fixed.  She says, “It’s also been difficult to care for my five grand kids with my house in this condition.”

In the midst of the hardships she is facing, Miss Betty has one phrase she holds tightly to: “God is good!” However hard or easy the day, this is her hope. While she has been so thankful for the little help we have been able to offer her, Miss Betty has encouraged us as well.

A team from East Minster Presbyterian Church helping Miss Betty clean out her home.

Please remember Miss Betty in your prayers! Here are a couple specific ways you can pray for her:

  1. Home renovation: Miss Betty needs a new house. With damage from the flood and mold, it is no longer safe for her to live here. Please pray that the Lord will provide the means necessary to renovate her home quickly.
  2. Encouragement: Please pray for hope and encouragement for Miss Betty. This process is only beginning.

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